Common Questions About Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis can be intimidating at first—that’s why we've compiled the frequently asked questions about this procedure we offer at Advanced Medical Electrolysis. Read more about the details below.

Laser hair removal uses lasers to deliver mild radiation to the hair follicles, while electrolysis inserts a probe into the follicle, sending an electric current through it.

While these methods produce long-term effects, electrolysis achieves permanent results and ensures that your hair won’t grow back.

There will be some sensation with electrolysis, but everyone has a different tolerance level. There is usually some discomfort during the actual treatment, but most people find it very tolerable. You may feel a light pinch or a heat sensation during the treatment. If you find the treatment difficult, you can take an over-the-counter pain medication such as Tylenol or Aspirin and/or use an over-the-counter topical numbing anesthetic on the area to be treated. Everything possible will be done to make you comfortable

Electrolysis is the ONLY PERMANENT hair removal process presently recognized by the FDA and AMA. It is the only way to remove hair permanently and safely. The goal is to treat the hair root, or papilla, which will prevent regrowth of that particular hair. We can treat hair on any part of the body except in the nostrils or inside the ears. Your electrologist will insert a tiny probe into the body’s natural opening at the follicle and treat one hair at a time with a slight impulse from her epilator equipment and then remove the hair by gently sliding it out of the follicle.

You are likely to notice some slight redness or pinkness and perhaps some swelling or slight welting. This is normal. A cold compress applied to the treated area for 10-15 minutes immediately following a treatment can help reduce the irritation. Most clients find that the irritation subsides within 20 minutes to a few hours

The average client will receive several sessions lasting from 15 minutes to one hour (or more), depending upon the area that needs to be treated. A small amount of hair on a lip, for example, would take much less time and fewer treatments than it would take to do a pair of underarms, a back, or legs. The secret to successful and productive electrolysis is catching each hair in the proper growth cycle and treating it during the optimum growing stage. Typically, your first initial appointments are scheduled weekly or every other week until an area is cleared. Your electrologist will discuss this will you and you can work out a plan.

Generally, areas can be cleared in six months to a year if the client is dedicated to completing regular treatments. Because there are three different growing cycles, some hair remains hidden at any given time, and it may take several months to 18 months to completely clear an area. The number of total treatments will vary from area to area and person to person. When you meet with us for a FREE consultation, we can form a treatment plan specific to meet your needs and goals.

Stop all tweezing and waxing immediately. It can distort your hair follicles and may even nourish stronger, courser hair in the wounded area as it heals. Cutting the hair with scissors is the best method. Bleaching will work, but it may make it difficult for your electrologist to see the hair. Shaving works too but try not to shave within 24-48 hours before an appointment, so that your electrologist will have a hair shaft long enough to grasp.

Most people compare electrolysis to a beauty salon visit which averages about $20/per area to wax. However, if you spend that same time at a salon having a hair problem waxed, it will be a never-ending process. You will have to go back again and again. Waxing is only a temporary method. If you have electrolysis done, the cost will be much less in the long run, since it will be permanent and finished within a year. We believe it is a very inexpensive way to permanently solve a hair problem in a confidential and easy way. We think you’ll be happier with these permanent results.

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